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The Top 10 Golf Balls from 2012

For golf beginners, there is an overwhelming list of brands out there when it comes to golf balls. So sometimes we have to turn to leading publications, and not just our peers, for the answers. We’re still waiting on this year’s annual hot list of top golf balls from GolfDigest but if you’re stuck on which brand of golf balls to try next, here’s the top 10 list of best performing gold balls from 2012.

If you’re new to golfing and you need a little help with choosing the right equipment, take a look at last year’s high performers.

1.       Srixon Z Star – designed for lower compression which will produce a higher launch angle for average swing speeds. A unique gradient design is in place increasing firmness from centre to outer and the urethane covers are impressively thin. Get Srixon golf balls at

2.       Bridgestone – all four models from Bridgestone use a simple design that aims to reduce drag at launch. This is a great choice if you want optimum speed.

3.       Callaway Hex Black Tour – this ball was completely new for 2012 with a softer inner core and the firmest outer core in Callaway history.

4.       Nike 20XI-S – this ball improves the ratio between low spin off driver and high spin off the wedge by increasing the ball’s movement with the ball’s denser outer core.

5.       Titleist Pro V1 – this ball has been tried and tested by golfers and it truly exceptional across all areas. The specialist design promotes higher and later peak trajectory.

6.       Dixon Fire – this golf ball is ideal for high swing speeds and it is also an environmentally friendly design.

7.       Maxfli U/4 – made with four complex and specialist layers, Maxfli U/4 is designed to produce higher wedge shot spin.

8.       Wilson FG Tour –the Wilson FG Tour has been constructed in three parts and is available in two compression options; 75 compression or 95 compression.

9.       Bridgestone E5 – this old timer has long been a golfer’s favourite and even with new innovations coming out every year, the 35 still stands its ground as a top golf ball. It allows high launch angle and enhances spin with its urethane cove.

10.   Bridgestone E6 – the E6 boasts multiple layers  and a dual dimple pattern. Along with its Surlyn casing, the E6 is designed to generate initial velocity and shallow landing angle. The brand promotes this technical golf ball as the softest multilayer available today.

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