Looking to improve your short game?
5 strokes or better is possible on your next round of golf.

Take the Golf Swing Aid Challenge!!

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Golf Swing Chip Shot Training Aid

This golf swing training aid is your advanced chipping and pitching instructor. You don’t have to be a skilled golfer, just know the basics, use it and you'll be fine. The Golf Swing Chip Shot Aid will provide you a repeatable swing to help you master pitching and chipping. Benefits include:

- Reduce your handicap

- Make more accurate shots to the green, especially inside of 50yds

- Develop a superior sense of feel and touch when chipping and pitching to the greens

- Lightweight, portable and easy to use for both men and women, right and left handed golfers

Improving your chipping and pitching is the single fastest way to lower your score and the reliable way to get better results.

I consistently use my Golf Swing Chip Shot Aid to improve my short distance game and avoid swing injuries.

How do I do it? With a wrist swing device that attaches to the club handle and keeps your club face square to the target at the ball impact. This device helps me with my chip shots accuracy and swing consistency.


Are you looking to lower your handicap score, improve your golf swing and prevent back, wrist and shoulder injuries?

Then, consider the wrist swing training aid and practice your swing.

The wrist swing aid trainer is a unique golf gear designed to help golfers improve their natural swing action.

The Wrist Swing Aid design lends itself to use even by players with some mobility restrictions.

This simple and effective device is lightweight, easy to use and compatible with both men and women, left hander and right hander players.

Anyone can take advantage of this tool. Simply attach it to your leading forearm and your club handle and you're ready to practice.

You will notice your game improving within a few weeks!

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