Looking to improve your short game?
5 strokes or better is possible on your next round of golf.

Take the Golf Swing Aid Chip Shot Challenge Today!!

You can Purchase this product now for the unbelievable price of $10, hurry quantities are extremely limited!!
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. See the video for details.
"I wanted to create a lightweight, inexpensive tool to help golfers with their short games. With the patented Golf Swing Chip Shot Aid (View Patent Details) I believe I have succeeded." Florian Georgescu inventor. My product trains any golfer how to square the club face and position the arms before the take away swing. I Highly recommend it to practice your short distance chipping and pitching.
Take our Money Back Guarantee Offer to improve your next round of golf by 5 or more strokes!

You can Purchase this product now for the unbelievable price of $10, hurry quantities are extremely limited!!

With the portable Chip Shot Aid you develop an easy and consistent swing habit. Follow the 3 steps below.


Step 1. Grab the club handle, place it on top of the swing guide and make sure the wrist channel opening is in upward position. Lock in the grip handle as shown.


Handle grip. The V-formation must be pointed downward. Have your grip resting on the 2 parallel wires.

Step 2. Slide your lead forearm through the wrist channel opening. Only the lead arm goes through the wrist channel opening. For right handed (left forearm through the opening), for left handed player (right forearm). Make sure to lock the end of the grip handle as shown. The club must be properly aligned, which means the club face is square to the target. This will teach you to keep the club face square throughout the golf swing. With the proper address and club face position your short game will improve. On the follow through the wrist channel will keep your leading wrist in the perfect position, preventing your wrist from hinging during the swing action.


Step 3. Use your normal grip and address the ball. Now you're ready to start practicing your chipping.

Every single beginner and recreational golfer that has used Golf Swing Pitching Aid has been a success story. The training aid reduces the frustration and lack of confidence of learning golf and replaces them with fun and enjoyment.

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