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Golf in Phuket: A Rundown, Lowdown and Everything Else You Need to Know

There are certain places that are easily associated for certain sports or sporting events. Whether you are an athlete yourself or perhaps an avid fan or spectator, there are certain places and iconic spots that you should never ever miss. In the game of basketball or in the sport of boxing, it is a dream of every athlete or fan to be able to experience the game inside the hallowed walls of the Madison Square Garden in New York. But in the game of golf, there are so many golf courses and resorts that one need to be able to play on and one of them which stands out for its unique and exotic feel that it provides is the island of Phuket.


So if you haven’t tried playing golf in Phuket and are planning to do so, check out this rundown of what awaits you in one of the beautiful islands in the country of Thailand, one that has enchanted thousands of golfers from around the world.


Golf amidst nature

Perhaps one of the primary aspects that sets apart playing golf in this island from the rest of the other golf courses and other golfing experiences are the vast nature that surrounds you while you play in the various different golf courses in the island. Think of it this way, the golf courses offer you not only superb layouts that will provide that challenge that you need in order to enjoy the game in a different level but also breathtaking views and sceneries, thanks to the mountainous terrains, the lush trees that signify one of a kind greenery, gushing water from the lakes and a whole lot more. Simply, a golfing experience like no other.


World class courses

As a testament to the island’s dedication to provide topnotch golfing experience to all kinds of golfers including the most successful professionals from around the world, the island offers you some of the finest courses that have left golfers breathless. Some of the famous ones in the island have been stages for some of the world’s prestigious golfing tournaments. Experiencing golf in Phuket will surely give you a different perspective and appreciation for the game, no doubt about it.


A holiday like no other

And since playing golf should be something that should give you a perfect shot at having a relaxing experience, one that will help you unwind from the stresses and demands of city life, the island is just the best place for non-professional golfers to have a golfing weekend. Not only will you be able to enjoy nature while enjoying the game, you will also feel like royalty with all the world-class amenities that await you in any of their golf courses. Service is superb, the food is scrumptiously satisfying, especially the local delicacies and the fees are relatively lower as compared to other fantastic golf courses in other parts of the world.


So be sure to bring your sun block and other protective gear as you enjoy the sceneries of the island. Keep in mind that playing golf in Phuket  is not only limited to enjoyment inside the golf course, it is an experience that goes beyond the holes, one that every golfer and golfing aficionado should never miss out on.


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