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Q: What’s a golf training aid?

A: A golf training aid is defined as a device that will teach you the "feel" of something that you're supposed to be doing. The market has plenty of training aids. If you're having trouble with your club swing, we can suggest a training aid to help train your body to identify and memorize proper swing mechanics.


Q: I am totally unfamiliar with your product! How do I apply my grip and my forearm to use your device?

A: Before you use the device, please watch the two videos. Then, do the following steps:

1. Grab the guide with you right hand and slide your left leading forearm through the rubber channel (for R.H. players).

2. Take your club and align the club face square to the ground target.

3. Lock the club handle into the guide V-formation and grip normally both the club handle and the guide. With the device fitted over your leading forearm, hold the club in the address position. Now you're ready to take practice shots.


Q: Can both right and left hand players use the same device?

A: Yes. The device is lightweight, easy to use and is compatible with any golfer, male and female, right & left hand golfers.

Q: I bought your swing aid and practiced. I still slice or hook the ball. What's the reason?

A: Before you start practicing and taking shots, you must align the club face square to the ground target. Release your grip and slowly rotate the handle into the guide to make the adjustment(s). Do the same for hooking your shots. The slight handle rotation to one direction or to the opposite would take care of slicing or hooking the ball.

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