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Choosing The Best Golf Clubs For Your Game


There are close to 32,000 golf courses around the world and millions more of golfers. Add to that the multitude of golf clubs and golf models being introduced into the market every year, and it’s no wonder the average golfer can easily get confused when choosing the right golf club for his game. But picking the right golf club can improve your technique.


Below are some recommended golf clubs based on your type of game:


    For the Beginner - If you are a beginner at the game, a set of used golf clubs is highly recommended. It will give you a good feel of which equipment best suits your swing tendencies and characteristics. The novice is also advised to purchase a half set first instead of a full set of clubs. A half set consists of a few combinations of clubs such as five iron clubs, including 4,6,8, a pitching wedge and sand iron, a 3 and 5 woods, and a putter. 


    Low Handicap - If you are a low-handicap golfer, you should have one fairway wood, lower irons, a driver and several wedges. Wedges can include a pitching wedge, sand wedge or a lob wedge.


    Mid Handicap - Mid-handicap golfers are advised to carry a 7 or 9 wood and the 3 and 9-irons. They should also have at least 3 wedges consisting of a pitching wedge, sand wedge and a lob wedge or approach wedge.


    High Handicap – If you are new to the game and have a high handicap, then it is suggested that you use the 7 and 9-woods and use the 3-wood for the tee off. You’ll also need a pitching wedge, sand wedge and a lob wedge.


Have you heard of hybrid clubs? Golfers with varying skill levels can use these types of clubs. One of the most popular reason golfers use hybrid clubs is because it helps them achieve greater distance and control - even with a slower swing speed. Golfers who have a difficult time with long irons also often use the hybrid. Golfers who use hybrids find that their size makes it easier to drive through the rough.


There you have it, some of the best golf clubs to suit your game. For more information, we suggest you visit golf-related websites. There are many websites that provide information on various golf club types and models. So the next time you visit your pro shop, you will be more informed on which is the best golf club to improve your game.

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Choosing The Best Golf Clubs For Your Game

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